Sunday, June 7, 2009

Will Netanyahou Melt Like All The Others?

Barack Hussein Obama is laughing to himself. He is just one man with limited political power who has asserted himself with brazen arrogance to levels unprecedented in world history. He keeps pushing on, seeing how far he can go, and how much he can get away with. He is like a child trying to keep in a secret, but he can't. That evil, phony smile tells it all. He would love to scream out, "I fooled all of you. I am a Muslim, and have always been one. I lied to you just like all the politicians do. I was shocked at how gullible the voters of America are, especially the Jews. They parade together, holding flags of Israel in support of that state, twenty thousand strong, and yet they put me in power, about to take that state away."
Once Obama points his magic finger insisting on something, there is no opposition. He has waited for someone, anyone, to stand up against him, and reply, "No Mr. President, you just can't do that." Imagine just 7 years after the unprecendented 9/11 World Trade Center attacks, he wants us, the victims of that attack, to apologize because we have been too hard on the Muslims. He feels that we have not been fair with the "good Muslims." We all know who they are. The ones who were silent on 9/11 and were dancing on the streets after the attacks in celebration. Of course Obama would respond, "They were just practicing their dance steps for a new, reality, dance TV show." Does anyone remember Saudia Arabia apologizing for training the 9/11 attackers? Does anyone know of any "good Muslims" who spoke out against Osama bin Laden? And does anyone actually know of any of the special Muslims who should be recognized for their great rich, religious, scientific, cultural and artistic contributions to mankind? After all, on September 24th of this year, Hawaii is going to have a special "Islam Day" to honor them. I just can't recall a "Jewish Day" or a "Christian Day" or anything like that.
Will Netanyahou melt like all the others? Is his initial hard stance just a show? Is it actually possible that the Prime Minister of Israel will do the unthinkable and join Obama in assisting the creation of a Palestinian State? About 6 months ago, we discovered and presented the now famous "Obama Code." This has travelled throughout the internet with different people claiming credit for it. One can locate this code by going to Ezekiel 38. Start by going to verse 2 and circle the 4th letter of the 9th word נשׂיא, or the letter aleph. By counting 7 letters, circling that letter and continuing this procedure, one will spell out Obama אובּאמה. Imagine seeing his name hidden secretly in the verse dealing with Gog the prince. Recently we were shocked to discover that the name Netanyahou is also secretly coded nearby. In fact, if you begin in Ezekiel 37 and go to the 20th word of the 25th verse you can circle the 3rd letter, or the vav. Then count 92 letters, and circle that letter and continue that procedure. You will notice that you have spelled out Netanyahou נתניהו backwards. You will also notice that the nun of his name appears in Ezekiel 38 verse 3, in the 1st letter of the 9th word which amazingly is also נשׂיא. Thus, Obama overlaps Netanyahou in the section of Gog, with Obama's aleph and Netanyahou's nun both appearing in the word for prince or leader. Two princes together, joining to go against the best interests of Israel.
Some of you might not be convinced that Obama, the leader of America, is really alluded to in verse 2, and that the leader of Israel is hinted at in verse 3. If you examine verse 2 and take the value of the last letters of the 5 words after נשׂיא in that verse, you will get שׁ--300, ך--20, ל--30, א--1, and ו--6 or 357 the gematria of Barack Obama בּרק אובּאמה. And if one goes to verse 3 of Ezekiel 38 and takes both the first and last letters of the 3 words after נשׂיא, they would arrive at ר--200, שׁ--300, מ--40, ך-20, ו--6 and ל--30 for a total of 596, the gematria of Jerusalem, ירושׁלים.
We mentioned that the aleph of Obama and the nun of Netanyahou both appear in the word נשׂיא. If you spell out these 2 letters you get אלף or 111 for aleph, and נון or 106 for nun. Together they are 217, the same value as חצי מדינה, which means part or half of the country. This term represents a secret of our redemption revealed to the late Rav Kaduri זצל. How interesting it is that these 2 letters, both landing in the word for prince or leader, spell out the value of this phrase. This certainly can be a hint that these 2 leaders will split the nation of Israel in order to appease the Muslims and give them a Palestinian state.
Additionally, there are 11 instances where the name Netanyahou spelled נתניהו appear secretly, without any spaces separating them, and with the word אשׁר appearing right before it. They are disguised between 2 words נתן י-ה-ו-ה. They appear as the first 6 letters of these 2 words. We have previously mentioned that the number 11 represents our final exile, the exile of Edom and Yishmael together. The 11 occurrences of Netanyahou with אשׁר preceding it, is further proof of the dangerous partnership between Obama and Netanyahou. For this word אשׁר which preceeds Netanyahou, has a gematria of 501, the same as Barack Hussein Obama.
Once a Palestinian state is in place, it can't be undone. Jews in galus, especially in America, think that they have full control over if and when they will go to Israel. It's on their terms and conditions. They will wake up one morning and suddenly realize that the Israel that they once knew, no longer exists (G-d forbid). Then, finally, they will realize that they have no where to run to, similiar to the Jews of 70 years ago.


  1. you said :

    "Once a Palestinian state is in place, it can't be undone".

    Our job is to fulfill G-d's wishes. And who is to say that G-d cannot undue? Perhaps He wants another middle stage after this current "state of Israel", before the coming of Mashiach ben Dovid?

  2. We mentioned that the aleph of Obama and the nun of Netanyahou both appear in the word נשׂיא. If you spell out these 2 letters you get אלף or 111 for aleph, and נון or 106 for nun. Together they are 217.

    217 = Devorah
    (I know you know, I'm just reminding everyone else)