Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Message Of The Burning Bush

When Moses saw the burning bush, he was amazed that the bush did not burn. In fact he said, מדוע לא יבער הסנה, "why will the bush not be burned?" These Hebrew words have the same gematria 553 as the words, מחיה מתים, (who resurrects the dead). Moses could not understand how the roots of the bush were not destroyed by the fire. For as long as the roots were alive, there was a connection to life which allowed the bush to return each spring. There are many Jews who have intermarried, many who've changed their Jewish names, many who have lived a totally assimilated life sytle, and many who are totally non-believing individuals. They think their Jewish roots have been burned and destroyed by the "fires of assimilation" but they are wrong. Their connection to a Jewish life and Hashem is still alive. G-d resurrects us anew each morning from our deep sleep. We can start any day as a new person by turning our backs on yesterday's mistakes and beliefs. That's all past history. We can spend the rest of our lives as Jews connected to G-d and each other.

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