Friday, June 26, 2009

The Beauty Of Your Work-A Poem By Joel Gallis

The beauty of your work surrounds me,
From majestic mountains to graceful streams,
My eyes can only see your glory,
By day, by night, and in my dreams.
Sounds of praise I hear all around me,
From babies' first cries to the song of a bird,
My ears can only hear your glory,
By day, by night, your praise is heard.
Your touch I always feel about me,
From the winds' soft kiss to the warmth of the sun,
My soul can only feel your glory,
By day, by night, my G-d is one.
But with frigid hearts of stone,
There are many who stand alone,
They cannot see though their eyes are opened wide,
They walk on your ground,
Without hearing a holy sound,
They just don't realize that you're always at their side.
The darkest part of night,
Precedes the morning light,
You wait for us to walk in your ways,
Your arms are opened wide,
To take us for your bride,
And embrace us till the End of Days.
I long for the start of each new day,
And grow sad when darkness comes and chases it away,
For each moment is a chance to see your light,
May there soon come a day before the setting of the sun,
When their eyes will be opened, and they'll know you are one,
Then they'll see the beauty of your work day and night.

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