Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kristallnacht-70 Years Later

Kristallnacht or the Night of Broken Glass, was an anti-Jewish pogrom in Nazi Germany on 11/9/38. That night is viewed by many historians as the beginning of the "Final Solution" leading towards the genocide of the Holocaust. One of the significant purposes of Kristallnacht was the disarmament of the German Jews. All Jewish owned firearms were confiscated.
On this one night of broken glass and darkness, 91 Jews were beaten to death, over 30,000 Jewish men were arrested and brought to concentration camps, over 200 synagogues were destroyed, as well as 7,000 Jewish shops. If you factor in the suspected suicides resulting from this terror, then there were approximately 2,500 deaths attributable to the Kristallnacht pogrom. Heavy fines followed and the Jews themselves were responsible for repairing the broken windows and their damaged shops by reaching deep into their own pockets.
Kristallnacht changed the nature of persecution from economic, political, and social to actual physical beatings, incarceration and outright murder. In other words, "Kristallnacht came and everything changed." That night of terror was instigated by Nazi party officials and the Nazi storm troopers. But this terrible night would not have reached such a level of destruction and death if not for the overwhelming hatred that the average German citizen had for the Jewish People. When the "green light" went on telling the German population that it was okay for them to beat, harass and torment any Jew they could find, there was no hesitation. There was a carnival atmosphere in the streets of broken glass.
Could this ever happen again? The late Rabbi Meir Kahane who had visions of truth, urged the Jewish People to make sure that this will NEVER AGAIN occur. But people did not want to hear of the remote possibility that such a nightmare might repeat itself. It's much easier thinking that this was an isolated, historical calamity, and that the evil that Hitler was filled with, will never occur again. And so, many Jewish synagogues refused Rabbi Kahane to speak. He was a special Jew who was way ahead of his time. His message regarding what would take place in the State of Israel if the Arabs were not expelled was prophetic. When you look around the world and see how the slow build up of anti-Semitism is exploding before our eyes, how countless countries are forcing Jews to flee from lands that they thought were safe, secure and protective, how Chavez in Venezuela turned on the green light allowing the people to harass the Jewish community, we must understand that NEVER AGAIN can only be realized if we lift up our voices, hearts, and tear filled eyes to Hashem in Heaven. Once the media of the nations follow the lead of the dictators, kings and rulers by urging the populace to boycott Jewish business (as they recently did in Venezuela), the memories of Kristallnacht reappear.
What about Obama's land, the land of the free? Aren't we protected there? Let's examine the Hebrew expression for Kristallnacht. It consists of 2 words in Hebrew meaning "NIGHT OF" and "BROKEN GLASS." ליל means "night of" with a gematria of 70, and הבדולח means "broken glass" with a gematria of 55. Kristallnacht occurred on 11/9/38 and almost exactly to the day 70 years later on 11/4/08 a new king was crowned in America. So the 70 gematria of "night of" stands for a dangerous date in Jewish history. Indeed 70 years after Kristallnacht was the "night of" the winning election of the most dangerous man the Jewish People have faced since Hitler. Who are we talking about? The gematria of "broken glass" is 55, the same as the value of OBAMA אובּאמה.


  1. Census GPS-tagging your home's front door. Coordinates being taken for every residence in nation.

    Not trying to be paranoid of anything.

  2. I don't understand how 11/9/38 which corresponds to 15 Cheshvan is translated as 70 years exactly on 11/4/08, which is only 6 Cheshvan.