Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A History Lesson About Eretz Yisroel For Obama

So our great President Obama thinks he knows all about the the history of the Land of Israel. But like so many other subjects, he really is ignorant. His expertise is making people believe that he really knows. I would love to know how he did at Columbia University in economics. After all we have trusted him in getting America out of the worst economic mess in our history. But we will never know what grade he received in college, for like so many other mysteries about him, all his college records have disappeared. No other students' records are missing, just his.
Obama thought that he would simply make up his own facts about the Land of Israel and once again fool the world as he has on the economic stability of America, the strength of the U.S. dollar, the need for the government to take over giant car and insurance companies as well as banks, the need for the country to change from the greatest capitalist society to a socialist state, and the necessity to give Arab countries funds when the U.S. can't even pay its own bills.
So Mr. President, perhaps it's time to close the "holy Koran" and open the Real Book of Truth, the Torah. Remember, the "holy Koran" and "holy Bible" were both written by man, but the Torah (which you did not call holy) was written by the Creator of the Universe. Judaism is the mother of all religions and preceded Islam and Christianity. And please do not tell the lie (which reflects your ignorance) that the Jewish presence in the Land of Israel first began in 1948. Israel became a nation 3321 years ago, two thousand years before the rise of Islam. Did you ever hear of King David and King Solomon who reigned in Jerusalem? There has never been an Arab or Muslim presence in Jerusalem. King David founded the city of Jerusalem while Mohammed never came to Jerusalem. This city is never mentioned even once in the Koran, while being mentioned over 700 times in Tanach. And when Muslims pray, they face away from Jerusalem allowing their backsides to face this holy city. Jews always pray facing this holy land. It's bad enough that you have adopted the Arab revisionist theory of history. But you want the Jewish People to live next to and peacefully "mingle" with those who don't recognize our right to exist, many who would give up their own lives in order to kill women and children they never met. Our right to the Land of Israel is based on the fact that G-d gave it to us. Just read the Old Testament, and when you do also pay close attention to the verses dealing with Abraham bringing up his son Isaac as a sacrifice. That is the truth, not the Koran's deceitful version that Abraham brought up Yishmael as the sacrifice.
You shouldn't believe that everything you were taught as a child in Indonesia was the truth. And people in America should not believe that everything you tell them is the truth. Realize that Arab refugees in Israel first began to identify themselves as part of a Palestinian people in 1967, nearly 20 years after the establishment of the modern State of Israel. In addition the PLO Charter still calls for the destruction of the State.
You did not rise to power because of your greatness, brilliance or hard work. You rose because G-d put you in power to scare the Jews. They have been stubborn all these years and refuse to draw close to G-d and seek His forgiveness. When you come to Israel remember that you are walking where the holiest have walked. Try not to be so arrogant, because the G-d of the Universe will be watching your every action.

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  1. You GREAT, Guys, LOVE YOU, Love you very much for the TRUTH!! I am proud of you, my holy brothers,