Sunday, June 14, 2009

Oprah And Obama

There was a moment in Obama's campaign when he needed credibility. He needed someone to endorse him who was well liked. Someone with influence, power and money. No, it wasn't the Kennedy family. It was someone more powerful, richer and better respected. A woman named Oprah. When she endorsed Obama, he suddenly had the credibility he needed. After all, when she recommends a certain book, it becomes a best seller. And when she publicizes an unknown doctor, he becomes a national celebrity and suddenly has his own TV show. And when she endorses a candidate for President, he must be taken seriously. Who knows? Perhaps the only reason Hashem allowed Oprah to become rich, famous and powerful was for her endorsement of Obama. So it's no surprise that Oprah אופרה, and Obama אובּאמה appear secretly in code in Tanach, overlapping each other in several overlooked verses that Hashem wants us to focus on during these times.
The verses are from Isaiah 30 (6-21). In these verses, Hashem admonishes the Jewish People for its reliance on Egypt, which represents all the exiled locations we have found ourselves in throughout our history. Reliance on foreign rulers have proven to be disastrous to us. And that is why the atbash of the words ומצרים הבל, (Egypt is vanity and emptiness) is 558, the same value as ויקם מלך חדשׁ, a new king arose, from Exodus 1 (8). This verse states that a new king arose who did not know of Joseph. This new king, with new policies and many "changes" found it convenient to ignore Joseph's monumental contributions to the country. In other words, the good that the Jews performed was no longer pertinent. In exile, new kings tend to point their finger at Jews when there are poor economic conditions.
Our new king here will also forget the good that the Jews contributed to America. Our new king's words of fire אשׁ will burn away any common sense and reasoning of the people. And when these words of fire come down from a brand new king, people believe it, because a new king's image is untarnished in the beginning of his reign. It's important to note that the atbash of אשׁ (fire) is 402, the same value as מלך חדשׁ.
Isaiah was instructed to write this prophecy down, and let it remain until the final days. The Jewish People are not willing to hear Hashem's words and instead say to our leaders in galus, "give us pleasant instructions, and see fantasies for us." This is just like the congregation telling the Rabbi what to say to them. Hashem compares this sin to that of a wall that has fallen quickly and suddenly, a total collapse culminating in tiny fragments and dust. This sounds just like 9/11 doesn't it? If we follow Hashem's will, and listen to His words and not the imaginary words we want to hear, then we are safeguarded from our enemies.

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