Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lavan, Iran And A Nuclear Bomb

Lavan, the father-in-law of our Patriarch Jacob, was probably the greatest anti-Semite in history. The Zohar states that he was an expert in sorcery and wished to kill Jacob with the power of his mouth. He was so full of rage against his family and the values that they stood for, that he traveled a distance of 7 days in just 1 day in order to destroy them. Lavan's son was Beor, and his grandson was none other than the greatest non-Jewish prophet ever, Bilaam. According to various sources, there was nothing in the world that Hashem did not reveal to Bilaam. He was an advisor to Pharoah in Egypt and advised him to slaughter the Jews and bathe in their blood to be healed of his leprosy. The gemara Sanhedrin states that first he was a prophet, and then a sorcerer, a sorcerer so great that he could even fly. He learned everything that he knew about sorcery from his father, who in turn learned everything that he knew from Lavan. The power of Bilaam's words were so great that he was chosen by King Balak to curse the Jewish People. Of course, Hashem stepped in to save the day by forcing him to bless the Jewish People instead. Now, Hashem could have prevented Bilaam's curse from taking effect. But instead, he made him bless the Jewish People. That's how powerful his words really were.
Several commentators maintain that Lavan was seeking to wipe out everything spiritual that Jacob had inherited from his father and grandfather. His aim was to lead Jacob's family back to idolatry by having them remain under his influence. That's why Lavan said to Jacob, "the daughters are my daughters, and the sons are my sons." He saw the purity, wonderful middos, and devotion to G-d close up, and he hated it. He despised his own family because he couldn't make them believe and worship in his lifeless idols. His hatred for his family was really his hatred for G-d.
When Lavan saw the faith of his daughters' families, and their closeness to G-d, it brought on an intense envy and hatred of his own family. All his black magic and sorcery couldn't bring him success. He was unsuccessful before Jacob came to help him, and he became unsuccessful after he left. His worship to lifeless idols couldn't bring him the respect, love and nachas from his sons that Jacob received from his. And so, jealousy breeds unfounded accusations, which turn into the rage and actions of hateful anti-Semites.
Notice that in Parsha Vayeitzei 31(24), just when Lavan had caught up to Jacob and his family, that Hashem spoke to Lavan in a dream and warned him not to say a single word, good or bad to Jacob. Lavan had no chance of defeating Jacob in a conventional physical war. Jacob was more powerful and skillful in fighting than Lavan was, whose strength was through the power of his words. And so, knowing that Lavan's intent was to kill with his words, Hashem warned him not to speak at all. This way he could not cast a magic spell on Jacob. The sorcery, magic and power of his words were all unconventional weapons that Lavan could use to bring down more powerfully trained armies.
And so with this background, we now present to our readers, the startling finding that the word nuclear, spelled in Hebrew גרעיני, clearly representing the most powerful unconventional weapon in the history of the world, is secretly coded in only 2 places in the 5 Books of Moses, and amazingly both locations deal with Lavan, the greatest anti-Semite. And in one of the 2 locations, the coded name of nuclear, overlaps with the name Iran איראן. Imagine that! Now, the exact locations of the word nuclear are in Genesis 29 (10-13), and Genesis 31 (36-42). In the first location, Jacob sees Rachel for the first time, he displays his great physical strength by removing the large stone on the well's mouth, he kisses Rachel, cries, explains to her that he is her cousin, meets her father Lavan who then embraces and kisses Jacob. It is this location that also contains in code the name Iran. In the second location, the word nuclear appears in code in verses describing the anger of Jacob towards Lavan. He takes up his grievance with him, speaks up and demands to know what is his transgression. What did he do to this anti-Semite that would cause him to come after his family in hot pursuit, seeking to kill them? Jacob explains to his father-in-law how his hard work and honesty helped Lavan become successful, and he scolds Lavan for his dishonesty in constantly changing his wages. The reason Iran appears in code overlapping nuclear in the first example is because this is what happens when we make nice to our enemies. Jacob is embraced and kissed by the world's greatest anti-Semite. Imagine seeing this picture on page one of all the newspapers. We are at the greatest risk when our enemies sense that we want to have peace treaties, and want to exchange land for peace. When we embrace the hands that wish to kill us, we reveal our genuine weakness and our enemies pounce upon that weakness. But Iran does not overlap nuclear in the second example when instead of embracing our enemy, Jacob admonishes, scolds and displays his anger toward the enemy. This teaches us that instead of making nice to today's anti-Semites, we must lash out at them and challenge them that yes, the Holocaust did take place, and NEVER AGAIN will we allow our enemies to unleash their destructive force upon us. We must also stand up proudly against the liberal Jews and non-Jews who are embarrassed by loyal observant Jews following the will of G-d and ancient tradition.
So once again Torah Codes performed in a true Torah manner, can give us clues as to the state of world affairs affecting Jews around the world at the End of Days. The similarities between the entire Islamic movement and Lavan are amazing. Notice how both are unable to defeat us in a conventional battle. So Lavan and the current extremists resort to various unconventional methods.
But there is a greater secret being taught here. Most people, in Israel, fear of a nuclear attack from Iran. But they are safe. The names, Jerusalem ירושׁלם and Israel ישׂראל both appear in code only in Genesis 31 and not in chapter 29. And even when they appear in Chapter 31 they just miss the word for nuclear. Nuclear appears in verses 36-42, but Jerusalem appears in verses 26-29, and Israel appears in verses 21-27. While the State of Israel is fearful and on full alert for a possible attack from Iran, the new Obama led America is making a grave error by reaching out to the madman of Iran. You will never see a leader of Israel embracing the dictator Achmedinejad, but expect to see Obama hugging him very soon. The Torah Codes indicate that this will backfire.
We mentioned that nuclear appears in Genesis 29 (10-13). This overlaps with Iran located secretly in code in verses 4-13. Well someone should tell Obama that the name America אמריקה apears in code in verses 4-13, overlapping both Iran and Nuclear. This indicates a strong possibility of a nuclear attack on America by Iran. But exactly where? There is a word in the last chapter of The Book of Daniel יקיצו, which means will awaken. This refers to the resurrection of the dead. How scary it is to note that this word appears secretly coded in Genesis 29 (10-13) almost perfectly overlapping with nuclear. This indicates that severe loss of life is inevitable. But again, where? The main target has always been New York, a proud, arrogant city. The atbash gematria of New York נו יורק is 216. This is the same value as the word יקיצו, will awaken. We hope we are wrong!


  1. Thank you so very much for the eye-opening expose.

  2. WoW! Thanks so much for the history lesson. I was very interested, recently, about Bilaam. Don't know why, but anyway, thanks again for this wonderful article.

  3. I heard you on Tamar Yonah's show tonight. Very interesting show, but it has helped to read your articles on the blogspot to fill in the gaps. Have you ever searched the Bible code for names of those who are in favor of a New World Order? Names like: Henry Kissinger, Brezinski, Shimon Peres, Javier Solano, Jimmy Carter, Bush#1, Newt Gingrich, Members of the IMF, Members of the FED, etc? Was glad you spoke about Oprah and George Soros as being in the Bible code... I'm still not convinced that Obama is Gog of Magog, but I do believe he and every U.S. President before him has been adding virtual bricks to build the New World Order (the Tower of Babel in our day). Each of the leaders of the countries today most probably are all insync to bring about this abomination, but they are all playing their own parts, reading their own scripts, while the puppeteer is pulling their strings and moving them along on the stage of history. BUT, G-d sits in the heavens and laughs at the plans of man... Thanks for a great show tonight and a great blogspot.