Sunday, November 15, 2009

Call On Hashem And He Will Be Gracious

As stated in our previous blog, the prophet Joel informs us that despite the perils that await the Jewish Nation, as well as the rest of the world right before the Great Day of Hashem, there is a path to safety. We are informed in 3(5) that anyone who calls in the Name of Hashem will escape. The Hebrew words for this is והיה כּל אשׁר יקרא בּשׁם יקוק ימלט. But what does it mean to call in the name of G-d?
If we examine these 7 words a little closer we see a great hint. For the gematria of the first letter of these 7 words add up to 59. This number 59 is the same value as the word אחן, which means I will be gracious and show favor. G-d tells this to Moses in Exodus 33(19) after Moses requests of G-d that He show him His glory, that is, His ways. The entire verse states that Hashem shall show favor when He chooses to show favor, and shall show mercy when He chooses to show mercy. But how does Hashem choose? He doesn't treat us based on some pre-determined fate that we have. Everything that occurs in our lives is based on our individual actions. So many think that we don't have any free will if G-d knows what our actions and thus our ultimate fate will be. Nothing can be further from the truth. We have total free will to act in a pure, truthful, faithful manner to the G-d of the Universe and to our fellow man and woman. We can love and fear G-d with total free will and thus grow closer to Hashem. But remember, the closer we are to G-d, the greater responsibility we will have for our actions. And G-d knows exactly what our actions, decisions, words, sincerity and true committment will be. He knows the future. He know what we will choose to do. That is not an obstacle to our actions. He simply knows every single act that we will choose in our lifetimes. If two teams have to play a game, G-d knows who will win and who will lose. No one else does. And so the game still has to be played and both teams must try with all their skills to be victorious. G-d observes and weighs each of our deeds, good and bad. So often we are not aware of our misdeeds and wrong and hurtful words to each other. We say to ourselves so often, "Oh that was just a joke. I tried to be funny."
If someone receives a gift from someone, we automically thank the donor either in writing or orally. So wouldn't it be logical that when G-d grants us a great day, a new job, nachas and joy from our children, and simply a day totally free of pain, discomfort and troubles that we should seek Hashem, and thank Him. Say more to Him than just "Baruch Hashem, or thanks G-d." Thank Him like you would thank a donor for his gift. If you thank G-d and call on Him when things go well, then He will listen to you when you call on G-d when things are not going well. A child away from his parents can keep calling on them when they need money and things. But do they call their parents awhile later when this money and things lead to success and happiness? Hashem wants to hear from His children more than, "Give me, give me or help me now." He wants to hear how thankful we are for all the good He has already given us. He wants us to tell Him "good news." If we can do this then G-d will indeed be gracious to us and show favor when we call.


  1. Wishing you and your families a lichtige Chanukah full of warmth and nachas, good food, and may it bring us closer to the Geulah --
    and a Refuah Shleima to Joe Gallis; may Hashem give him a speedy and complete refuah to be with his family.

  2. Joel and Dr Wolf

    May Hashem bless you and provide for your every need in abundance.


  3. I just started browsing blogs I used to go to a lot a few years ago, and many are gone, but then there are ones I'd never seen before, like yours. Thank you for the positive encouragement in such a difficult time in my life, and in the world.