Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kristallnacht-70 Years Later

Kristallnacht or the Night of Broken Glass, was an anti-Jewish pogrom in Nazi Germany on 11/9/38. That night is viewed by many historians as the beginning of the "Final Solution" leading towards the genocide of the Holocaust. One of the significant purposes of Kristallnacht was the disarmament of the German Jews. All Jewish owned firearms were confiscated.
On this one night of broken glass and darkness, 91 Jews were beaten to death, over 30,000 Jewish men were arrested and brought to concentration camps, over 200 synagogues were destroyed, as well as 7,000 Jewish shops. If you factor in the suspected suicides resulting from this terror, then there were approximately 2,500 deaths attributable to the Kristallnacht pogrom. Heavy fines followed and the Jews themselves were responsible for repairing the broken windows and their damaged shops by reaching deep into their own pockets.
Kristallnacht changed the nature of persecution from economic, political, and social to actual physical beatings, incarceration and outright murder. In other words, "Kristallnacht came and everything changed." That night of terror was instigated by Nazi party officials and the Nazi storm troopers. But this terrible night would not have reached such a level of destruction and death if not for the overwhelming hatred that the average German citizen had for the Jewish People. When the "green light" went on telling the German population that it was okay for them to beat, harass and torment any Jew they could find, there was no hesitation. There was a carnival atmosphere in the streets of broken glass.
Could this ever happen again? The late Rabbi Meir Kahane who had visions of truth, urged the Jewish People to make sure that this will NEVER AGAIN occur. But people did not want to hear of the remote possibility that such a nightmare might repeat itself. It's much easier thinking that this was an isolated, historical calamity, and that the evil that Hitler was filled with, will never occur again. And so, many Jewish synagogues refused Rabbi Kahane to speak. He was a special Jew who was way ahead of his time. His message regarding what would take place in the State of Israel if the Arabs were not expelled was prophetic. When you look around the world and see how the slow build up of anti-Semitism is exploding before our eyes, how countless countries are forcing Jews to flee from lands that they thought were safe, secure and protective, how Chavez in Venezuela turned on the green light allowing the people to harass the Jewish community, we must understand that NEVER AGAIN can only be realized if we lift up our voices, hearts, and tear filled eyes to Hashem in Heaven. Once the media of the nations follow the lead of the dictators, kings and rulers by urging the populace to boycott Jewish business (as they recently did in Venezuela), the memories of Kristallnacht reappear.
What about Obama's land, the land of the free? Aren't we protected there? Let's examine the Hebrew expression for Kristallnacht. It consists of 2 words in Hebrew meaning "NIGHT OF" and "BROKEN GLASS." ליל means "night of" with a gematria of 70, and הבדולח means "broken glass" with a gematria of 55. Kristallnacht occurred on 11/9/38 and almost exactly to the day 70 years later on 11/4/08 a new king was crowned in America. So the 70 gematria of "night of" stands for a dangerous date in Jewish history. Indeed 70 years after Kristallnacht was the "night of" the winning election of the most dangerous man the Jewish People have faced since Hitler. Who are we talking about? The gematria of "broken glass" is 55, the same as the value of OBAMA אובּאמה.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Secret Behind Na Nach Nachma Nachman

The phrase Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman was revealed and taught by Rabbi Yisroel Ber Odesser. Rabbi Odesser was born in 1888 in Tiberias, and was among the first Breslover Hasidim in Israel. In 1921 on the Fast of Tammuz he became weak and hungry and broke his fast. He felt guilty afterwards that he was unable to overcome his physical temptation. He prayed continuously for 5 days until he heard a voice instructing him to go into his room. He did that and randomly opened a book. In the book was a piece of paper that he later called "The Letter from Heaven." The English translation of this letter reads as follows, "It was very hard for me to descend to you, my precious student, to tell you that I benefited greatly from your service. And to you I say, my fire will burn until the coming of the Messiah. Be strong and courageous in your service. Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman. And with this I shall tell you a secret: Full and heaped up from line to line, and with strong devotional services you will understand it. And the sign is: They will say you are not fasting on the 17th of Tammuz."
The Rabbi believed the letter to be a message of consolation, directly from Rebbe Nachman of Breslov's spirit to himself. He adopted this phrase as his personal meditation, and became so personally identified with it that he later said that he was, Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman. He died at the age of 106, and this very expression appears on his grave stone in Jerusalem.
Rabbi Nachman of Breslov stated that a "song of redemption" would be revealed before the coming of Mashiach, and that this song would be in a single, double, triple, quadruple form, just like this phrase. In 1984 Rabbi Moshe Feinstein wrote a letter of approbation endorsing Rabbi Odesser's efforts to raise funds for publishing Rav Nachman's books. Rabbi Feinstein mentioned that he was inspired by a secret document which Rabbi Odesser possessed. Despite this, not all Breslover Hasidim use Na Nach Nachma, and not everyone believes that it is an authentic writing. Some believe that the letter was written by Rav Nachman to someone else and was placed in the old book, while others simply believe it was forged by one of Rabbi Odesser's students to distract him from feeling guilty over breaking his fast. There is even a theory that when he was a young student, a friend of his was just playing a trick on him and put the note in a book. But the Rabbi never opened that book until many, many years later. When he finally discovered it, his friend revealed the details of the practical joke to him. But, Rabbi Odesser refused to believe it was anything but a message from heaven.
But even if it was meant simply as a joke, and the words were just made up without any real meaning, it did come as a message from heaven. For who other than Hashem put those words into the mind of the friend? Indeed, these words have a significant connection to the end of days, and our upcoming, final geula. The key to uncovering this message is the atbash form of gematria. Let's examine the phrase carefully:
נ נח נחמ נחמן. The atbash of נ is 9. The atbash of נח is 69. The atbash of נחמ is 79 and finally the atbash of נחמן is 88. The difference between 9 and 69 is 60, the difference between 69 and 79 is 10 and finally the difference between 79 and 88 is 9. Thus we get 60 10 9. If you eliminate the 2 zeroes you are left with the number 619.
The Book of Torah containing more secrets about the end of days than any other is the Book of Daniel. Towards the end of this Book, Daniel asks G-d, מה אחרדת אלה, "what is the end of these matters?" G-d responds with the words לך דניאל, "go your way Daniel." G-d is not telling Daniel to stop inquiring about the end. His response is indeed the answer to Daniels's question, for the atbash of לך דניאל, is 619 which is also the same value as אחרית, which means the end. Thus, G-d is answering Daniel by telling him that the end is indeed the end. But the end of what or whom? It will be the end of evil, scepticism, doubt, falsehood and conflict. And just when will this end period begin? The last word of the phrase מאומן Me'Uman tells us. For the gematria of this word is 137, the same value as מגדלין (Towers) and בּן לאדן (Bin Laden). Thus, this clue tells us that at the time that Bin Laden destroys the towers (the twin towers on 9/11/01), know for certain that the end of days has arrived.
The letter indeed was a letter from Heaven telling mankind that for some there will be a final end, but for others there will be a brand new beginning.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Beauty Of Your Work-A Poem By Joel Gallis

The beauty of your work surrounds me,
From majestic mountains to graceful streams,
My eyes can only see your glory,
By day, by night, and in my dreams.
Sounds of praise I hear all around me,
From babies' first cries to the song of a bird,
My ears can only hear your glory,
By day, by night, your praise is heard.
Your touch I always feel about me,
From the winds' soft kiss to the warmth of the sun,
My soul can only feel your glory,
By day, by night, my G-d is one.
But with frigid hearts of stone,
There are many who stand alone,
They cannot see though their eyes are opened wide,
They walk on your ground,
Without hearing a holy sound,
They just don't realize that you're always at their side.
The darkest part of night,
Precedes the morning light,
You wait for us to walk in your ways,
Your arms are opened wide,
To take us for your bride,
And embrace us till the End of Days.
I long for the start of each new day,
And grow sad when darkness comes and chases it away,
For each moment is a chance to see your light,
May there soon come a day before the setting of the sun,
When their eyes will be opened, and they'll know you are one,
Then they'll see the beauty of your work day and night.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Jews In Egypt

Passover literally means that G-d had to pass over the houses of the Jewish People so that the Angel of Death could kill the Egyptian first born during the 10th and final plague. Why would that be necessary if the Jews lived separately from the Egyptians in their own distinct land? Hashem could have simply passed over the entire land of Goshen. But unfortunately this was not the case. We have previously mentioned that the Jews were in Egypt for 210 years. During that period they were enslaved for the final 116 years with hard labor. During the previous 94 years when things were going quite well for the Jews, they got tired of living in the Egyptian Boro Park section and moved out of Goshen. They moved to the other side of the tracks where they lived in close proximity to the Egyptians. They had business ventures and deals with the Egyptians, and some were able to get special treatment from them during the time of hard labor. It's interesting to note that despite being in Egypt for close to 100 years, the Jews were still looked upon as the newcomers, not good Egyptian civilians. The Egyptians wondered why should we respect people that don't respect themselves? Why do they treat our things dearer than their own?
The Egyptians actually did not bother the Jews as long as we kept to ourselves. But once we began to resemble "regular Egyptians", did the hatred begin. The Jewish Nation was called it by Pharaoh. Imagine being called "it"! That's the equivalent today of being called "you people". And suddenly without the necessary Jewish exposure and commitment to Jewish rituals and values their Jewish identity quickly vanished. They became slaves long before the Egyptians enforced slavery upon them because they had already become slaves to Egyptian culture, Egyptian fashion and Egyptian values. They were so engrossed and involved politically, and emotionally with this country that they would find it nearly impossible to pull themselves away when they had to. They looked upon themselves as good Egyptians who happened to be Jewish, instead of Jewish People who happened to be living temporarily in Egypt. This is very similar to American Jewry today.
Not only were the majority of Jews in Egypt blind to the redemption occurring right before their eyes, they were also blind to the plagues that were brought by Hashem through Moses and Aaron. These plagues were not natural disasters brought upon them by nature. They were afflictions sent upon the Egyptians to punish them measure for measure for their actions against the Jews. To quote Josephus Flavius, the Jewish historian who is actually mentioned by Rashi, "no such plagues ever happened to any other nation as happened to the Egyptians." The Jews who wound up leaving Egypt, unlike those who were too attached to Egyptian society to leave, saw the plagues from afar and understood what they meant. They knew the redemption was imminent and they prepared themselves for it. The current disasters that have struck the world over the past several years were really plagues. We are being tested at this current time period to see if we will close our eyes to what is really occurring, and go into denial, or if we will open our eyes and see the hand of G-d and the clear showing of His might. When we view these plagues we must be in awe of Hashem, pray that He protects us from them, and prepare ourselves for our imminent redemption.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Speedily In Our Days

Even though G-d promised Avrohom that his descendants would be strangers in a land that was not theirs, and they would be oppressed for 400 years, according to the Torah we left Egypt 190 years earlier than we were supposed to, and only spent 210 years there. The reality is that we were meant to be in Egypt a full 400 years. What makes this even more interesting is the fact that we refer to the Final Redemption as קץ הימים, "end of days." However, if the words are read correctly, it should really say, "end of THE days." Which days are we referring to? The days remaining from the 190 years when we left Egypt early. Hashem spread out the terrible oppression of those 190 years over 33 centuries, but soon, any day now, any moment now, there will be an end of THOSE days. We always pray בּמהרה בימינו, that Mashiach and our final redemption should come speedily in our days. Speedily? It appears to be so late, our exile so long. Well, just as in Egypt, to the very second, when it was time to leave, the redemption came so fast. So too, when the DAYS of the 190 years have passed, at the exact second, our redemption will surround us and unfold "speedily." Thus, as you can see there is a great connection between the redemption from Egypt at the beginning of Jewish history, and the final redemption towards the end of the historical 6,000 year period that the world will last (as we know it). Perhaps now, we can understand the Passover Haggadah when it says that every Jew should feel as if he or she also left Egypt. And it's also interesting to note that the gematria of the word קץ (end), as in End Of Days, is amazingly 190.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The First Ray Of Redemption

Daniel 7(23) speaks about the 4th beast of exile (the exile of Edom and Yishmael). Whereas the majority of this exile dealt with the power and control of Edom, the final stage has shifted to Yishmael's might and their lack of concern for the lives of others. Verse 24 states that this beast of exile will have 10 horns (meaning 10 kings), and then an 11th one will arise different from the former ones. Notice that the number 11 is once again involved. As we have mentioned in several writings, the number 11 represents the current exile of Yishmael. Verse 25 continues to speak about the 11th horn or king (the final one). He will speak words against G-d, will exhaust the strength of the Jewish People, and will try to "change" השׁניה the times and the laws. The Jewish People will, G-d forbid, be under his rule for a certain period of time, known only to Hashem.
When you study the description of this "final king" with your eyes opened, you realize that King Obama is the one that is being referred to. He is the king who will "change everything" in his kingdom, especially as it affects the Jewish People. To doubt this and say instead, "Let's give him a chance. Let's see how he does. He really means well," is to repeat the same mistakes the Jewish People made 70 years ago in Germany.
But all is not bleak and grave. In fact, Obama and the darkness he has brought to the world through his arrogant mouth, has actually let in a dim light of hope. He can't see it, or understand it. When Avrohom took his son Yitzchok to offer him up on the altar according to G-d's command, they saw the location that G-d had shown them. They were escorted by Eliezer and Yishmael, and asked them, "have you also seen what we have seen on that distant mountain?" They replied, "we do not see anything, only a mountain." Avrohom knew then that they could not go any further and told them to stay behind with the donkey. Obama too cannot see the first ray of redemption. He can only see the darkness that he has created. How appropriate it is that the 44th word in Torah corresponding to the 44th President is ולחשׁך, (and to the darkness).
The word that he has made famous השׁניה meaning "change" has the same gematria as "speedily in our days" בּמהרה בימינו. This very term which has been used by Jewish men, women, and children for thousands of years as a wish that our redemption would come suddenly, and during our lives, is a term that is connected to the "change" that Obama has brought to the world. But like Yishmael who was left behind to stay with the donkey, Obama cannot see the holy mountain that Avrohom saw. He can only see the darkness caused by his changes while the Jewish People see the first ray of redemption.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Message Of The Burning Bush

When Moses saw the burning bush, he was amazed that the bush did not burn. In fact he said, מדוע לא יבער הסנה, "why will the bush not be burned?" These Hebrew words have the same gematria 553 as the words, מחיה מתים, (who resurrects the dead). Moses could not understand how the roots of the bush were not destroyed by the fire. For as long as the roots were alive, there was a connection to life which allowed the bush to return each spring. There are many Jews who have intermarried, many who've changed their Jewish names, many who have lived a totally assimilated life sytle, and many who are totally non-believing individuals. They think their Jewish roots have been burned and destroyed by the "fires of assimilation" but they are wrong. Their connection to a Jewish life and Hashem is still alive. G-d resurrects us anew each morning from our deep sleep. We can start any day as a new person by turning our backs on yesterday's mistakes and beliefs. That's all past history. We can spend the rest of our lives as Jews connected to G-d and each other.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Oprah And Obama

There was a moment in Obama's campaign when he needed credibility. He needed someone to endorse him who was well liked. Someone with influence, power and money. No, it wasn't the Kennedy family. It was someone more powerful, richer and better respected. A woman named Oprah. When she endorsed Obama, he suddenly had the credibility he needed. After all, when she recommends a certain book, it becomes a best seller. And when she publicizes an unknown doctor, he becomes a national celebrity and suddenly has his own TV show. And when she endorses a candidate for President, he must be taken seriously. Who knows? Perhaps the only reason Hashem allowed Oprah to become rich, famous and powerful was for her endorsement of Obama. So it's no surprise that Oprah אופרה, and Obama אובּאמה appear secretly in code in Tanach, overlapping each other in several overlooked verses that Hashem wants us to focus on during these times.
The verses are from Isaiah 30 (6-21). In these verses, Hashem admonishes the Jewish People for its reliance on Egypt, which represents all the exiled locations we have found ourselves in throughout our history. Reliance on foreign rulers have proven to be disastrous to us. And that is why the atbash of the words ומצרים הבל, (Egypt is vanity and emptiness) is 558, the same value as ויקם מלך חדשׁ, a new king arose, from Exodus 1 (8). This verse states that a new king arose who did not know of Joseph. This new king, with new policies and many "changes" found it convenient to ignore Joseph's monumental contributions to the country. In other words, the good that the Jews performed was no longer pertinent. In exile, new kings tend to point their finger at Jews when there are poor economic conditions.
Our new king here will also forget the good that the Jews contributed to America. Our new king's words of fire אשׁ will burn away any common sense and reasoning of the people. And when these words of fire come down from a brand new king, people believe it, because a new king's image is untarnished in the beginning of his reign. It's important to note that the atbash of אשׁ (fire) is 402, the same value as מלך חדשׁ.
Isaiah was instructed to write this prophecy down, and let it remain until the final days. The Jewish People are not willing to hear Hashem's words and instead say to our leaders in galus, "give us pleasant instructions, and see fantasies for us." This is just like the congregation telling the Rabbi what to say to them. Hashem compares this sin to that of a wall that has fallen quickly and suddenly, a total collapse culminating in tiny fragments and dust. This sounds just like 9/11 doesn't it? If we follow Hashem's will, and listen to His words and not the imaginary words we want to hear, then we are safeguarded from our enemies.

Lavan, Iran And A Nuclear Bomb

Lavan, the father-in-law of our Patriarch Jacob, was probably the greatest anti-Semite in history. The Zohar states that he was an expert in sorcery and wished to kill Jacob with the power of his mouth. He was so full of rage against his family and the values that they stood for, that he traveled a distance of 7 days in just 1 day in order to destroy them. Lavan's son was Beor, and his grandson was none other than the greatest non-Jewish prophet ever, Bilaam. According to various sources, there was nothing in the world that Hashem did not reveal to Bilaam. He was an advisor to Pharoah in Egypt and advised him to slaughter the Jews and bathe in their blood to be healed of his leprosy. The gemara Sanhedrin states that first he was a prophet, and then a sorcerer, a sorcerer so great that he could even fly. He learned everything that he knew about sorcery from his father, who in turn learned everything that he knew from Lavan. The power of Bilaam's words were so great that he was chosen by King Balak to curse the Jewish People. Of course, Hashem stepped in to save the day by forcing him to bless the Jewish People instead. Now, Hashem could have prevented Bilaam's curse from taking effect. But instead, he made him bless the Jewish People. That's how powerful his words really were.
Several commentators maintain that Lavan was seeking to wipe out everything spiritual that Jacob had inherited from his father and grandfather. His aim was to lead Jacob's family back to idolatry by having them remain under his influence. That's why Lavan said to Jacob, "the daughters are my daughters, and the sons are my sons." He saw the purity, wonderful middos, and devotion to G-d close up, and he hated it. He despised his own family because he couldn't make them believe and worship in his lifeless idols. His hatred for his family was really his hatred for G-d.
When Lavan saw the faith of his daughters' families, and their closeness to G-d, it brought on an intense envy and hatred of his own family. All his black magic and sorcery couldn't bring him success. He was unsuccessful before Jacob came to help him, and he became unsuccessful after he left. His worship to lifeless idols couldn't bring him the respect, love and nachas from his sons that Jacob received from his. And so, jealousy breeds unfounded accusations, which turn into the rage and actions of hateful anti-Semites.
Notice that in Parsha Vayeitzei 31(24), just when Lavan had caught up to Jacob and his family, that Hashem spoke to Lavan in a dream and warned him not to say a single word, good or bad to Jacob. Lavan had no chance of defeating Jacob in a conventional physical war. Jacob was more powerful and skillful in fighting than Lavan was, whose strength was through the power of his words. And so, knowing that Lavan's intent was to kill with his words, Hashem warned him not to speak at all. This way he could not cast a magic spell on Jacob. The sorcery, magic and power of his words were all unconventional weapons that Lavan could use to bring down more powerfully trained armies.
And so with this background, we now present to our readers, the startling finding that the word nuclear, spelled in Hebrew גרעיני, clearly representing the most powerful unconventional weapon in the history of the world, is secretly coded in only 2 places in the 5 Books of Moses, and amazingly both locations deal with Lavan, the greatest anti-Semite. And in one of the 2 locations, the coded name of nuclear, overlaps with the name Iran איראן. Imagine that! Now, the exact locations of the word nuclear are in Genesis 29 (10-13), and Genesis 31 (36-42). In the first location, Jacob sees Rachel for the first time, he displays his great physical strength by removing the large stone on the well's mouth, he kisses Rachel, cries, explains to her that he is her cousin, meets her father Lavan who then embraces and kisses Jacob. It is this location that also contains in code the name Iran. In the second location, the word nuclear appears in code in verses describing the anger of Jacob towards Lavan. He takes up his grievance with him, speaks up and demands to know what is his transgression. What did he do to this anti-Semite that would cause him to come after his family in hot pursuit, seeking to kill them? Jacob explains to his father-in-law how his hard work and honesty helped Lavan become successful, and he scolds Lavan for his dishonesty in constantly changing his wages. The reason Iran appears in code overlapping nuclear in the first example is because this is what happens when we make nice to our enemies. Jacob is embraced and kissed by the world's greatest anti-Semite. Imagine seeing this picture on page one of all the newspapers. We are at the greatest risk when our enemies sense that we want to have peace treaties, and want to exchange land for peace. When we embrace the hands that wish to kill us, we reveal our genuine weakness and our enemies pounce upon that weakness. But Iran does not overlap nuclear in the second example when instead of embracing our enemy, Jacob admonishes, scolds and displays his anger toward the enemy. This teaches us that instead of making nice to today's anti-Semites, we must lash out at them and challenge them that yes, the Holocaust did take place, and NEVER AGAIN will we allow our enemies to unleash their destructive force upon us. We must also stand up proudly against the liberal Jews and non-Jews who are embarrassed by loyal observant Jews following the will of G-d and ancient tradition.
So once again Torah Codes performed in a true Torah manner, can give us clues as to the state of world affairs affecting Jews around the world at the End of Days. The similarities between the entire Islamic movement and Lavan are amazing. Notice how both are unable to defeat us in a conventional battle. So Lavan and the current extremists resort to various unconventional methods.
But there is a greater secret being taught here. Most people, in Israel, fear of a nuclear attack from Iran. But they are safe. The names, Jerusalem ירושׁלם and Israel ישׂראל both appear in code only in Genesis 31 and not in chapter 29. And even when they appear in Chapter 31 they just miss the word for nuclear. Nuclear appears in verses 36-42, but Jerusalem appears in verses 26-29, and Israel appears in verses 21-27. While the State of Israel is fearful and on full alert for a possible attack from Iran, the new Obama led America is making a grave error by reaching out to the madman of Iran. You will never see a leader of Israel embracing the dictator Achmedinejad, but expect to see Obama hugging him very soon. The Torah Codes indicate that this will backfire.
We mentioned that nuclear appears in Genesis 29 (10-13). This overlaps with Iran located secretly in code in verses 4-13. Well someone should tell Obama that the name America אמריקה apears in code in verses 4-13, overlapping both Iran and Nuclear. This indicates a strong possibility of a nuclear attack on America by Iran. But exactly where? There is a word in the last chapter of The Book of Daniel יקיצו, which means will awaken. This refers to the resurrection of the dead. How scary it is to note that this word appears secretly coded in Genesis 29 (10-13) almost perfectly overlapping with nuclear. This indicates that severe loss of life is inevitable. But again, where? The main target has always been New York, a proud, arrogant city. The atbash gematria of New York נו יורק is 216. This is the same value as the word יקיצו, will awaken. We hope we are wrong!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A History Lesson About Eretz Yisroel For Obama

So our great President Obama thinks he knows all about the the history of the Land of Israel. But like so many other subjects, he really is ignorant. His expertise is making people believe that he really knows. I would love to know how he did at Columbia University in economics. After all we have trusted him in getting America out of the worst economic mess in our history. But we will never know what grade he received in college, for like so many other mysteries about him, all his college records have disappeared. No other students' records are missing, just his.
Obama thought that he would simply make up his own facts about the Land of Israel and once again fool the world as he has on the economic stability of America, the strength of the U.S. dollar, the need for the government to take over giant car and insurance companies as well as banks, the need for the country to change from the greatest capitalist society to a socialist state, and the necessity to give Arab countries funds when the U.S. can't even pay its own bills.
So Mr. President, perhaps it's time to close the "holy Koran" and open the Real Book of Truth, the Torah. Remember, the "holy Koran" and "holy Bible" were both written by man, but the Torah (which you did not call holy) was written by the Creator of the Universe. Judaism is the mother of all religions and preceded Islam and Christianity. And please do not tell the lie (which reflects your ignorance) that the Jewish presence in the Land of Israel first began in 1948. Israel became a nation 3321 years ago, two thousand years before the rise of Islam. Did you ever hear of King David and King Solomon who reigned in Jerusalem? There has never been an Arab or Muslim presence in Jerusalem. King David founded the city of Jerusalem while Mohammed never came to Jerusalem. This city is never mentioned even once in the Koran, while being mentioned over 700 times in Tanach. And when Muslims pray, they face away from Jerusalem allowing their backsides to face this holy city. Jews always pray facing this holy land. It's bad enough that you have adopted the Arab revisionist theory of history. But you want the Jewish People to live next to and peacefully "mingle" with those who don't recognize our right to exist, many who would give up their own lives in order to kill women and children they never met. Our right to the Land of Israel is based on the fact that G-d gave it to us. Just read the Old Testament, and when you do also pay close attention to the verses dealing with Abraham bringing up his son Isaac as a sacrifice. That is the truth, not the Koran's deceitful version that Abraham brought up Yishmael as the sacrifice.
You shouldn't believe that everything you were taught as a child in Indonesia was the truth. And people in America should not believe that everything you tell them is the truth. Realize that Arab refugees in Israel first began to identify themselves as part of a Palestinian people in 1967, nearly 20 years after the establishment of the modern State of Israel. In addition the PLO Charter still calls for the destruction of the State.
You did not rise to power because of your greatness, brilliance or hard work. You rose because G-d put you in power to scare the Jews. They have been stubborn all these years and refuse to draw close to G-d and seek His forgiveness. When you come to Israel remember that you are walking where the holiest have walked. Try not to be so arrogant, because the G-d of the Universe will be watching your every action.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Will Netanyahou Melt Like All The Others?

Barack Hussein Obama is laughing to himself. He is just one man with limited political power who has asserted himself with brazen arrogance to levels unprecedented in world history. He keeps pushing on, seeing how far he can go, and how much he can get away with. He is like a child trying to keep in a secret, but he can't. That evil, phony smile tells it all. He would love to scream out, "I fooled all of you. I am a Muslim, and have always been one. I lied to you just like all the politicians do. I was shocked at how gullible the voters of America are, especially the Jews. They parade together, holding flags of Israel in support of that state, twenty thousand strong, and yet they put me in power, about to take that state away."
Once Obama points his magic finger insisting on something, there is no opposition. He has waited for someone, anyone, to stand up against him, and reply, "No Mr. President, you just can't do that." Imagine just 7 years after the unprecendented 9/11 World Trade Center attacks, he wants us, the victims of that attack, to apologize because we have been too hard on the Muslims. He feels that we have not been fair with the "good Muslims." We all know who they are. The ones who were silent on 9/11 and were dancing on the streets after the attacks in celebration. Of course Obama would respond, "They were just practicing their dance steps for a new, reality, dance TV show." Does anyone remember Saudia Arabia apologizing for training the 9/11 attackers? Does anyone know of any "good Muslims" who spoke out against Osama bin Laden? And does anyone actually know of any of the special Muslims who should be recognized for their great rich, religious, scientific, cultural and artistic contributions to mankind? After all, on September 24th of this year, Hawaii is going to have a special "Islam Day" to honor them. I just can't recall a "Jewish Day" or a "Christian Day" or anything like that.
Will Netanyahou melt like all the others? Is his initial hard stance just a show? Is it actually possible that the Prime Minister of Israel will do the unthinkable and join Obama in assisting the creation of a Palestinian State? About 6 months ago, we discovered and presented the now famous "Obama Code." This has travelled throughout the internet with different people claiming credit for it. One can locate this code by going to Ezekiel 38. Start by going to verse 2 and circle the 4th letter of the 9th word נשׂיא, or the letter aleph. By counting 7 letters, circling that letter and continuing this procedure, one will spell out Obama אובּאמה. Imagine seeing his name hidden secretly in the verse dealing with Gog the prince. Recently we were shocked to discover that the name Netanyahou is also secretly coded nearby. In fact, if you begin in Ezekiel 37 and go to the 20th word of the 25th verse you can circle the 3rd letter, or the vav. Then count 92 letters, and circle that letter and continue that procedure. You will notice that you have spelled out Netanyahou נתניהו backwards. You will also notice that the nun of his name appears in Ezekiel 38 verse 3, in the 1st letter of the 9th word which amazingly is also נשׂיא. Thus, Obama overlaps Netanyahou in the section of Gog, with Obama's aleph and Netanyahou's nun both appearing in the word for prince or leader. Two princes together, joining to go against the best interests of Israel.
Some of you might not be convinced that Obama, the leader of America, is really alluded to in verse 2, and that the leader of Israel is hinted at in verse 3. If you examine verse 2 and take the value of the last letters of the 5 words after נשׂיא in that verse, you will get שׁ--300, ך--20, ל--30, א--1, and ו--6 or 357 the gematria of Barack Obama בּרק אובּאמה. And if one goes to verse 3 of Ezekiel 38 and takes both the first and last letters of the 3 words after נשׂיא, they would arrive at ר--200, שׁ--300, מ--40, ך-20, ו--6 and ל--30 for a total of 596, the gematria of Jerusalem, ירושׁלים.
We mentioned that the aleph of Obama and the nun of Netanyahou both appear in the word נשׂיא. If you spell out these 2 letters you get אלף or 111 for aleph, and נון or 106 for nun. Together they are 217, the same value as חצי מדינה, which means part or half of the country. This term represents a secret of our redemption revealed to the late Rav Kaduri זצל. How interesting it is that these 2 letters, both landing in the word for prince or leader, spell out the value of this phrase. This certainly can be a hint that these 2 leaders will split the nation of Israel in order to appease the Muslims and give them a Palestinian state.
Additionally, there are 11 instances where the name Netanyahou spelled נתניהו appear secretly, without any spaces separating them, and with the word אשׁר appearing right before it. They are disguised between 2 words נתן י-ה-ו-ה. They appear as the first 6 letters of these 2 words. We have previously mentioned that the number 11 represents our final exile, the exile of Edom and Yishmael together. The 11 occurrences of Netanyahou with אשׁר preceding it, is further proof of the dangerous partnership between Obama and Netanyahou. For this word אשׁר which preceeds Netanyahou, has a gematria of 501, the same as Barack Hussein Obama.
Once a Palestinian state is in place, it can't be undone. Jews in galus, especially in America, think that they have full control over if and when they will go to Israel. It's on their terms and conditions. They will wake up one morning and suddenly realize that the Israel that they once knew, no longer exists (G-d forbid). Then, finally, they will realize that they have no where to run to, similiar to the Jews of 70 years ago.

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Reward Of Affliction

Is there a Jewish individual, family or community that hasn't experienced some level of illness, suffering or affliction in the recent past? If there is, they are in trouble.
A doctor was once called in to treat two different patients in the same village. He prescibed very bitter medicine to one, but ordered sweet delicacies to the other. When he was questioned why there was such a strange difference in treating the two patients who appeared to have the same illness, he responded, "One patient has a chance to recover and survive. So I ordered a very bitter pill for him to take. He will not enjoy the bitterness, but will forget it when he fully recovers. The other patient has no chance to recover. He will not survive. So I ordered the nurses to give him all the tasty foods and other delights that he craves. Let his final days be filled with his desires."
Although today, the evil in the world seems to be waving their right hand in triumph, their days are numbered. The Jewish People around the world, especially those who fill their days with Torah values, are feeling the effects of the bitter medicine that Hashem has handed out. The afflictions or bitter bills, will make them stronger, will cleanse their souls, and will draw them closer to G-d. The untimely deaths in Jewish families, the illnesses, financial set backs and struggles, addictions hurting our children, spousal and child abuse, problems finding a shidduch, and improper sexual activities are major tests affecting us all. They are very hard tests to pass filled with traps and lures. It's easy to fall prey here living in a society decaying constantly. But we all must be strong and supportive of each other. This is not a time to be judgmental, but a time to be forgiving.
We must emulate Avrohom, our patriarch, who was tested 10 times by Hashem. Each time he went forward, to do G-d's will, never questioning G-d's motives or plans. His ultimate reward was not received in his lifetime but was realized by his descendants 364 years later. The reward was the Torah.
The gematria of Avrohom אברהם is 248. If you multiply 248 by 10 (the number of tests)you arrive at 2480, the same value as the 5 Books of Moses:
Genesis בּראשׁית which has a value of 913
Exodus שׁמות which has a value of 746
Leviticus ויקרא which has a value of 317
Numbers בּמדבּר which has a value of 248
Deuteronomy דברים which has a value of 256
The total value of the Names of the 5 Books of Moses is 2480

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Eleven Dots Versus Thirteen Attributes Of Mercy

Deuteronomy 30 (2-6) states that the Jewish People will eventually return to G-d, will listen to Him, follow His ways, and will perform the mitzvohs. He will then gather and bring us to Israel regardless of how far away we are. For those who are far away physically, He will be like a father taking His childrens' hands, and bringing them back home. And for those who are far away spiritually (including those who currently live in Israel), He will change their hearts, removing the hurdles that the evil inclination has placed in their way, so that total repentance can be achieved. Will all Jews do tshuvah and return? That remains to be seen. When we left Egypt, only 1 out of 5 Jews participated in the geula. 80% of the Jewish population assimilated into the Egyptian society and were never heard from again. So many of us are too comfortable in galus and too skeptical about redemption. So many don't even believe in the existence of G-d.
So why will there be a sudden return to G-d's ways? The clue is in Deuteronomy 29 (28) where there are 11 dots placed above 11 consecutive letters. On September 11, 2001 the "end of days" began. After the dust settled, people realized that there was a significant connection to what had happened and the number eleven. 9/11, that is 9+1+1 equals 11, the twin towers were a gigantic 11, there were 111 days remaining in the year, the first plane to hit the towers was flight 11 which had 11 crew members, and so on. Our radio show #5 presented this in greater detail. But one fact that is not mentioned deals with Yishmael, whose descendants were responsible for the 9/11 attacks. Yishmael, ישׁמעאל, is secretly coded only once in Chumash and there are 11 spaces separating each of its letters. The 11 dots above the letters (like planes) are there to remind us of the 9/11 attacks. We should acknowledge that the end of days have begun, that Yishmael's descendants are our enemies willing to die in order to kill innocent women and children, and return to G-d for His protection. As further proof of Yishmael's involvement, the first word לנו with 3 dots above it has a gematria of 86. Avrohom was 86 years old when his son Yishmael was born. The 11 dots represent tears of the Jewish People caused by Yishmael at the time of the end. The name ישׁמעאל, can be broken up as 2 words, ישׁמע and אל meaning "G-d will hear." The Midrash states that in the future, G-d will hear the sound of the Jewish People's groaning from the trouble that Yishmael will inflict upon them.
As noted in a previous blog, Yishmael's descendants will join forces with those from Esau as it turns its attention against Israel. Esau's grandson Amalek, is alluded to here when the next word ולבנינו is joined together with the first word לנו. These 10 letters together have a gematria of 240, the same as Amalek. And finally the letter ע by itself, having a gematria value of 70, represents the 70 nations who will be part of the war of Gog and Magog, which also has a gematria of 70. The 11 letters, which have dots above them, in total have a gematria of 310, the same as צעקים, which means "cries."
Tears are the key that opens the door to tshuvah (repentance). No matter how far away we think we have drifted, no matter how deep we believe we have fallen, no matter how lost in the world we feel we are, tshuvah can suddenly bring us back to "True Jewish Reality" with clear eyes and a new heart. Hashem will take our tears and will water the "stump of Jesse," (King David's father), allowing this royal dynasty to grow, thus bringing Mashiach to the world.
The Zohar implores us to do tshuva to bring the redemption. With respect to previous exiles, the Jewish People knew approximately when it would end. But with respect to this long, current galus, the end has not been revealed. Tshuva is absolutely necessary as a preparation for redemption. It is in our own hands and with our own free will to repent. If we don't then G-d will force us to with more afflictions and distress. The Gemara states that Hashem will subjugate the Jewish People to a king whose decrees will be as harsh as Haman's, and Klal Yisroel will then do tshuva and revert to the proper path.
No matter how extensive we believe our sins are, nothing compares to the sin of the Golden Calf. And yet after this great sin was committed, Hashem Himself taught Moses the Thirteen Attributes of Mercy. Moses thought that no prayers could possibly help a nation that bowed and dance around an idol less than 6 weeks after hearing the 10 Commandments. But Hashem showed Moses that it was never too late for repentance. Moses and the Jewish Nation were assured that the Thirteen Attributes of Mercy are never turned back unanswered. These 13 Attributes actually demonstrate that tshuvah will indeed bring our final redemption. For if you take the first letter of these 13 attributes you get:
י with a value of 10
י with a value of 10
א with a value of 1
ר with a value of 200
ו with a value of 6
א with a value of 1
ו with a value of 6
ו with a value of 6
נ with a value of 50
נ with a value of 50
ו with a value of 6
ו with a value of 6
ו with a value of 6