Sunday, October 18, 2009

America Is Dying

"America is dying, what a shame for she's so young,
Though no one will admit it, it shows when our song is sung.
Our throats all lack the passion, our fathers had long ago,
Their voices were like thunder, but ours sound like falling snow.
We mumble our great anthem, and glance at our flag's brisk wave,
The words, the land of the free, precede the home of the brave.
How true it is that our land's as free as a breath of air,
Free to rob, mug, loot, and kill, protest and live on welfare.
Free to steal a sweet apple, then smile at the employee,
Tell me why I can't take it? Isn't America free?"

These are the opening lines of a poem that I wrote over 40 years ago when I was in college. I actually wrote the entire poem on the day that Robert F. Kennedy was murdered. It was turbulent times filled with war, civil unrest, distrust of government, and a desire for our voices to be heard. The Vietnam War was raging in full force. It was a war based upon a theory, the Domino Theory. We believed that if we allowed South Vietnam to be taken over by Communist North Vietnam, then the neighboring countries Thailand and Laos would then fall and also become Communist, to be followed by others. One after another they would fall, just like dominoes, and become Communist. We were worried and concerned that this would happen even though we were thousands of miles away. The theory proved to be false and the war resulted in over 55,000 deaths and hundreds of thousands of severe injuries. It also had a great mental impact on every brave soldier that was there. And when these soldiers came home they were shown very little respect, couldn't find jobs, and were looked upon as if they, somehow, were responsible for the war. Many avoided the military draft by fleeing to Canada, sitting in jail, or staying in college as long as they could. Some escaped by becoming very religious suddenly and were deferred as divinity students. But the brave men and women who saw action loved America and risked their very lives and futures for a "cause." The cause was that we must fight Communism even at the risk of giving up our lives. We must do whatever it takes to prevent it from invading and spreading in our nation.
Forty years later, despite lessons from the Vietnam War, as well as the Cold War with Russia, we have placed an unknown man in the White House with close ties to people who are Communists, or who have studied and written about the virtues of Communism and Marxism. Obama has stated on various occassions that America should have a "redistribution of wealth." That is, take from the rich and give it over to the poor. Take from those who have worked and struggled their whole lives and paid huge taxes on the income that they earned and give it over to those who can't work or can't find work or simply don't want to work and have paid little if any taxes in their years. Obama keeps insisting that that is the "moral thing to do." When I was young, the book, "Robin Hood" was banned from the New York City school system because it contained "Communist overtures." That is, it dealt with a small band of thieves who robbed the rich and gave it over to the poor.

Capitalism is the reason America has been the greatest, strongest, richest and most successful country in world history. To replace it with Socialist and Communist ideas would be the "death blow" to America. Communism is not just an "economic system." It is a way of life (and sometimes death). In theory, Communism is a socioeconomic structure and political ideology that promotes the establishment of a classless society based upon common ownership. It seems like we just described a large, modern day "commune." So what could be bad? Historically, Communism has been run by ruthless, coercive governments concerned with the preservation of their own power. In this type of environment, all economic and social activity is controlled by a totalitarian state dominated by a single tyrant or his political party. In the past, it has left behind a trail of blood of those that dared to oppose this ideology. In the United States the very fear of Communism entering our borders has caused aggressive investigations, blacklisting, and the deportation of people suspected of following these ideas. Many famous Americans were put on a blacklist in the early 1950's preventing them from finding employment. Communism creeps up on a nation very quietly as the size of government grows.

We really don't know why our President believes so much in Communism. He is indeed a man of mystery. His college records are frozen so we don't know the courses he took in school. But concern is in order when you see the people that he has surrounded himself with. How could he not be influenced by this "garbage?" These people truly hate America and Capitalism. Was this Obama's secret plan cultivated over the last years? Or is he just ignorant and incompetent? Why does he want to change the total complexion of America so fast? Because he anticipates that his popularity and support will fade and he wants to pass as many bills (filled with unbelievable, destructive laws buried within) while the Democrats have a majority voice. America (pre-Obama) was an indestructible nation. But his fingerprints are all over the very foundation of our dear nation, causing it to begin to crumble. America is indeed dying and it needs your help and support in a last ditch effort to save it. We must put pressure on our representatives in Congress. After all, in theory they are supposed to represent the peoples' wishes not their own. We must vote out of office any Democrat that does not have the guts to oppose Obama's extreme policies. Obama's weakness is that he cannot handle criticsm. He wants to hear everyone tell him what a great job he is doing. That is what he only heard growing up. If we are like passive sheep, the wolf will do whatever he wants. Soon we will wake up one morning and will not recognize America. Band together, speak out, write to your media before Obama controls all media outlets. And most important of all, pray with all your might to Hashem that He protects us from this radical President so that all the efforts of the previous 43 Presidents and 233 years of the hard work of good Americans, like you, are not in vain.


  1. I think it has been happening every since Prohibition and the men and women got drunk. The next big event was Vietnam, and then Kennedy. The signs have been there in the shadows.

    Now, it's out of the closet with Obama.