Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Song Of Devorah

In our previous article we mentioned the importance of emulating the geniune tshuvah of Sisera's mother. There is a word בּשׁשׁ that means "delayed" and it's spoken by Sisera's mother when she cries worriedly for her son, "Why is his chariot so long in coming?" This word is used only once in Chumash. It appears in the Book of Exodus 32(1). This verse is the longest verse in the 5 Books of Moses, with 34 words. The people saw that Moses was delayed in coming down from Mount Sinai. The people made a mistake. They thought that Moses would be gone for 40 days and nights and that the day of his ascent counted. But it didn't. They were wrong. So, what did they do? Did they wait and cry like Sisera's mother and say, "where is he already?" No they didn't. Instead they made a calf of gold and called it their god. There is a connection between the longest verse in Chumash and our longest exile. We too are not waiting for Mashiach like the worried mother of Sisera. Instead, we have also given up hope and have created a god of gold through our worship of the almighty dollar, with a fiery passion.
The Zohar says that the upcoming, final war of Gog and Magog will be similar to the war with Sisera in that it will also have tremendous miracles. These miracles will be due to the merit of Devorah. And a Torah Code analysis of the Song of Devorah, confirms this. The words, Mashiach, Gog and Magog, are all secretly coded in the song, overlapping each other, each coded with an interval of 102 spaces. 102 is the gematria of emunah (true faith). And it's interesting that the codes appear in the verses where Devorah admonishes the tribes that didn't participate in the war, and praises the ones that did. This is a hint that we all must be willing to fight for Jewish survival. When Hashem sees our emunah and effort, He then takes over.
Devorah's Song is located in the haftorah for Parsha Beshalach. We should read it, and if we can, sing it often, for her song is indeed about the final redemption and Mashiach. We should sing this song now and show our great emunah to Hashem, thanking Him in advance for destroying our enemies completely.
The Song of Devorah applies to all Jews, but it is especially connected to the Jews in America. In order to place our complete trust and faith in G-d, we must place our entire essence in Hashem's hands. But how can we do that when we, and most of our possessions, time and energy, are invested in lands away from our true home. The Song of Devorah is the key to unlock the door to our redemption, because it is the Song of total freedom. Freedom from the world of material possessions, the urge to accumulate, and the phony happiness and pleasures we derive from our wealth. This total freedom, will free us from the Soton's hold on us. The Song of Devorah can break the chains that bind us to the material temptations of America. Evidencing this is the fact that there are 356 words in the song, the same as the gematria of America, אמריקה.

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  1. Speaking of the longest verse of the Torah, the longest Haftara is the one for Parshat Beshalach which is the story of Devorah's battle & song, consisting of a total of 52 verses. And speaking of 34 words in the longest verse of the Chumash, on what date of the Jewish calendar did the Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776, beginning Medinat America, take place? You will find out with a fingertip at on my 34th post.