Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Justice For The Convert

Without the use of a computer, the Vilna Gaon, a true Torah giant, realized that the Hebrew letter "ג" is never followed by the letter "ט" in the 5 Books of Moses. Together, these letters would spell "גט" or a Jewish divorce document. The Gaon observes that this document was given the name גט, Get, because the marriage was torn apart, and the couple is completely separate.
With the use of a high speed computer and a Torah Code search program, we verified that the Gaon's finding was absolutely correct. However, we did find an additional discovery. These 2 separate letters do come together backwards. That is, on one occasion in the 5 Books of Moses, the letters come together when the "ט" is followed by a "ג". The appearance is in Deuteronomy 24(17) as the last letter of the 3rd word, the "ט" is followed by the first letter of the 4th word, the "ג". The 2 words together, משׁפּט גר, means justice for the convert to Judaism. These 2 letters, which are never together, come together to teach us that when the גר (the convert) turns their back on their prior life and seeks to join the Jewish People, we must reach out and connect with them and make them feel that they are an integral part of our people.
Shortly, when Hashem reveals to the world His Oneness and Power, all those who seek the truth and the protection of G-d's shelter, will run to join the Jewish People. We must extend our arms and welcome them with warm hearts and encouraging words, as Holy sparks enter their souls.

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