Monday, August 10, 2009

Rosh Hashanah & Obama's Healthcare Plan

The debate over Obama's attempt to once again change the character of our nation is pitting Americans against Americans. One of the reasons America is dying is because of the intense loyalty that Republicans and Democrats have for their elected leaders. Congress has become "the yes people," that is they will side with their party's President no matter how outrageous his ideas or proposals are. It's as if Obama is a young child seeing how much he can get away with. If the Democrats in Congress wanted to display some courage, they would stand up and tell Obama, "Sorry Mr. President we will not allow you to do those things for they are detrimental to the soundness of our democratic society." Instead they quote him, vote for his policies, and argue when Republicans oppose these unimaginable ideas.
The latest idea of Obama is that we must change (there's that word again) the healthcare system of America. Despite the fact that this country is flat broke and needs to borrow funds constantly, there has been little Democratic opposition to this foolishness. Instead of taking a fraction of the proposed amount of money needed and building numerous medical clinics for those without health insurance, his proposal will equalize all Americans in their ability to acquire proper and correct medical care. The most dangerous part of the bill is that the government, that is Barack Hussein Obama, will have the "power" to decide whether someone is too old, too sick or too expendable to receive treatment.
Countries with socialized medicine have produced numerous cases where treatment has been denied to patients who needed competent medical care to save their lives. Mr. Obama is longing to have the ability of deciding "who will live and who will die." But despite this wish of his, only Hashem has that ability. There is only one God in heaven. Obama is just a mere mortal with many faults. Men like Hitler believed that they had the power to decide who will live and who will die.
On Rosh Hashanah we recite a prayer בּראשׁ השׁנה, which describes that on this holy day it is Hashem who decides the judgment that every human faces for the coming year. The most chilling words are "who will live and who will die." The prayer then mentions that for those who will die this coming year, who will die before their time or at their predestined time. And then it lists the methods of how they will die. The first methods listed are, "who by water and who by fire." מי במים ומי באשׁ. The prayer could have said who by the hands of President Obama for the gematria of this phrase is 501 the same as בּרק חוסיין אובּאמה, Barack Hussein Obama.


  1. A Ba'al Teshuva friend who used to help the Democratic Party when younger and later turned Republican once told me that Democrat is made up of the words Dam (blood-shed) & Caret (spiritual extinction). As Obama is the 44th President of the United States, it's interesting to note that the Hebrew word Dam is the Gematria of 44. And for those who don't quite understand what is so wrong with the Democrats; unlike the Republicans, the Democrats are pro-abortion and pro-gay rights, both of which go against the Torah as well as a violation or encouragement of violation of the Noahide commandments for non-Jews which include not murdering and not doing sexual perversions.

  2. Interesting that Obama has been quoting lines from the Rosh Hashanah prayers to promote his Healthcare..... Maybe he reads your blog..... ::)

  3. i have a question do you to guys believe in J-sus Christ.dDo you belive you are the 2 witnesses of the new testament to Isreal