Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Obama nation

After careful consideration of recent factors affecting American Jewry, and in following the recommendation of thousands of our loyal listeners, we have decided that our broadcasts every 6-8 weeks (and sometimes longer) are just not enough to adequately inform, teach, and advise every precious Jew and non-Jew that relies on our findings. Therefore, we are initiating this blog in order to bring you current up to date findings as they are uncovered.
Although our results have been similar to those who see the inherent dangers in Obama's un-American, anti-capitalistic policies, our methods are totally different. We are coming from a different angle altogether. We are not interested in the color, the religion or the political party of those in the news. We simply look at the actions of a person and hear his or her words. We have been blessed with the ability to use, analyze, and understand certain forms of Hebrew gematria (numerical values) of names, dates and places. This allows us to find connections of people and events that normally would be hidden. We are also leading authorities of the proper use of Torah Codes uncovering secrets hidden in the Torah for thousands of years.
We were the very first radio broadcasters to state on live radio (over a year and a half ago), that Barack Hussein Obama would be elected as the 44th American president. We knew that the years under his leadership would be dark and dangerous for American Jews, but we never thought that it would be so bad in such a short period of time. When one is trapped, he must be shown the path to safety. When one is lost, he must be helped to find his way back home. When one's life is in danger, he needs the help to survive. So where is the Jewish leadership in America that will help us during the "days of distress" that are coming? Large, powerful Jewish organizations here in America are our spiritual leaders. We accept their guidance, judgment, and opinion on religious issues. But when they kiss the feet of a President that is about to make life miserable for Jewish Americans here, and is about to chop up the State of Israel, they betray their responsibility to the people that look to them for guarding our safety. We can trust our spiritual lives to them, but better look elsewhere to protect our physical life and the lives of our family. We cannot trust "man" to lead us to safety. We can only look above and pray to Hashem for His protection during the approaching storm. Hashem, in his kindness, speaks to the Jewish People constantly. He guides us by revealing the truth in a world filled with falsehood, envy and materialism. He gave the Jewish People His Torah to guide them for both spiritual and non-spiritual matters. We have been blessed by Hashem to be able to interpret and decipher some of the messages that are disguised in the Torah. These are important messages to guide and protect us, and allow our eyes to be opened despite Obama's success in closing them. These messages are vital to American Jews and non-Jews who are suddenly faced with a situation our ancestors never dreamed of.

The 5769th verse in the Torah, corresponding to the 5769th Jewish year that we are currently in, is translated in English as follows: "They would provoke His (G-d's) jealousy with strangers; they would anger Him with "abominations." This is amazing and prophetic. Indeed, America, including 80% of its Jewish population, have angered G-d by turning this great nation into an "Obama Nation." How could we stand idly by and allow this unknown, unproven, mystery man, with blatant ties to radical groups and enemies of the Jewish People, to nullify all the hard effort, sacrifice, sweat and tears that our American ancestors gave to make this the greatest, richest and most powerful country in the world's history? In just a brief period of time, Obama, through his pressure, his finger pointing, his arrogance, his socialist/communist agenda, his repayment of debts he owed to others, and his lack of caring for the American people, has set in motion shock waves that are shaking the very foundation our great nation is resting on. The reason America became the strongest, most successful nation is because of the capitalistic system which provided the incentives for turning hard work into visible, tangible rewards. Our foundation was built on human rights, liberties, and religious freedoms. Despite the doctrine of the "separation of religion and our state" there has always been the belief that G-d watches over us. That is the reason for our great success. Our currency is the only currency in world history to have the words, "In God We Trust" on every bill.
Obama doesn't suggest, negotiate or discuss. He simply "tells" you what the policy will be. That's the talk of a future dictator. Obama is not viewed as just a president. He is being treated as a king. He is constantly on television, magazine covers and is the primary subject of the majority of radio talk shows. But in the minds of too many Americans, he is more than a king. He appears to them as the Messiah. This is the biggest hoax in world history. He loves every minute of it. The gematria (numerical value) of his name actually indicates that he is indeed very close to being the messiah. The gematria of Barack Obama בּרק אובּאמה is 357 just one short of the 358 of Mashiach. But the ONE that is missing is Hashem, the Master of the Universe who is ONE. Without G-d on his side, he is nothing but a false messiah. He should put down the Koran and open up the Torah and see how Hashem raises arrogant leaders to great, lofty heights so that their ultimate fall is severe and complete.



  1. Joel & Robert + Everyone else who make this site happen:

    I'm speaking on behalf of all your listeners as well as the people who don't know about you:

    Thank you so much for the time, effort, and work you put in to inform us about the world. I write this comment while being speechless, because I am truly speechless as how to thank you. I feel as if no matter how many times I thank you it isn't enough; and it isn't! Unlike most other Jewish organizations you have taken time out of your daily lives, put your reputation on the line, and spent what I can only imagine as a very significant amount of time analyzing and understanding Torah and other texts for "your peoples'" benefits. You ask very little next to nothing in return. Even when I contacted you about donations you kindly turned me down. This showed me that your intentions are purely to inform the jewish public.

    I have always believed in my religion but thought very little can change my faith and opinion about things. But your work have increased my faith with GD.

    I don't know how to thank you.I would wish GD to help you two, but I am no one.

    I cannot thank you enough. Nothing I say here will be enough, just know that you have changed my view in things.


  2. Joel & Robert,
    I listened to your broadcasts faithfully. Although I am not a Jew, but a Christian, I love Israel and my Jewish brothers and sisters. Thank you for your great work in providing these broadcasts and now the blog. May God grant you protection.

  3. Thank you,I am very glad you are back and writing again and doing so more frequently.

  4. Very clear and to the point - thank you for making your knowledge accessible to those of us who are curious but don't have the skills to analyse Torah in this way. G-d bless you both for this great website and all the Jews and non-Jews who read these shocking but important articles. May Hashem be with us all in the impending tribulations - we'll need all the help we can get!

  5. Like this blog. Thanks so much. So sad, though, that when those leaders fall they take a great many more with them as well. I also think there is another purpose for Obama's election and that is to get Schwarzeneggar elected on 2012. Good, bad, I am not sure. It will come out about Obama not even being eligible to legally run, then the law will be changed so as to avoid this happening again (they will say) then get ready for President Schwarzeneggar.
    I like your radio show too. Thanks for your hard work.